No sooner said than done!

  • Do you wish you could type faster?
  • Could you do with more time in the day?

More and more people are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of their day-to-day paperwork, and are spending  ever-longer hours on their computer.

Anxiety, stress, discomfort, neck and back pain, and illness (such as arthritis, RSI, headaches and eye strain) are common consequences.

 Enter the Dragon!

With Dragon voice recognition software you will fly through your paperwork.

By talking instead of typing, you can work up to THREE TIMES faster! 

Dragon is a hugely powerful program.

With my personalised training you will learn how to use the software in Microsoft Word (or similar) in under one hour! We can then look at additional short sessions to enable you to benefit fully from this software.

I am so convinced this will increase your productivity that I am offering a full money-back guaranteeContact me