Stop Typing, Start Living!
Voice Recognition Software Oxfordshire

Do you have too much to do?

Do you wish you could type faster? Are you dreaming of having a secretary? Could you do with more time in the day?

More and more people are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of their day-to-day paperwork, and spending  ever-longer hours on their computer. Anxiety, stress, discomfort, neck and back pain, and illness (such as arthritis, RSI, headaches, eye strain and obesity) are common consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

Increase productivity with voice recognition software

Enter the Dragon! With Dragon voice recognition software you will fly through your paperwork – by talking instead of typing, you can work up to THREE TIMES faster! Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking is a better way to work.

Stop typing, start living!

My name is Neil Sleight, The Talking Typist, and I have worked with Dragon software for over 20 years:

neilsmall“I used to work in the evenings and at the weekend, but using Dragon helped me to complete my paperwork during the day so that I had time to relax, enjoy being with my family and friends, and have time for my hobbies!”

With each new version, I become even more passionate about Dragon and its potential to change your life. Emails, letters, reports, data entry, spreadsheets, contact info, internet search … the list is endless.

Dragon also enables you to control your computer by your voice. Just imagine how much more productive you could be with hands-free computing!

If you’ve looked at Dragon before, please look again! The software’s capabilities have improved tremendously. See Dragon in action!

Train your Dragon

Dragon is a hugely powerful program. With my personalised training you will learn how to use the software in Microsoft Word (or similar) in under one hour! We can then look at additional short sessions to enable you to benefit fully from this software.

I am so convinced this will increase your productivity that I am offering a full money-back guarantee (less any travelling expenses incurred). Contact me

Click here to find out more about The Talking Typist’s training packages, which include free Dragon software (the current version of Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium or Dragon Dictate for Mac).
Voice recognition software Oxfordshire

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