Will voice recognition software help me?

I’ve just seen a very interesting article which may help you to decide the answer to the question, “will voice recognition software help me?” You may have tried it in the past and found that it wasn’t very good, but I am so confident that this is no longer the case, that I will guarantee it at no cost to you if you don’t think it will help, following a short training session! I have quoted from the article here and included the link to the full text at the bottom of the page.

I’ve just helped a lawyer who charges £250 an hour and using voice recognition software he is saving at least one hour a day of his time. Let’s say that he works 45 weeks a year – this means a saving of  over £56,000! Time he can use for work that he is able to charge for directly!

Most people are now used to voice recognition on their phones, and now more are using it for work related tasks by speaking emails, court orders, reports, proposals, business letters, etc., capturing their thoughts, findings, and analyses either directly or on a digital recorder so that speech recognition software transcribes it later.

Paperwork is important. Police officers need to accurately document their incident and arrest reports, lawyers need to take detailed notes and prepare documents for court as part of defending their clients. Social service workers need to keep track of the details of their cases – sometimes it can make a significant difference in the life of a child or a family in need.

Despite it mattering so much, paperwork can be incredibly time-consuming and tedious, ultimately limiting our efforts in other vital areas of our jobs. Consider this recent American study, which revealed that administrative tasks like paperwork account for 35 percent of social service workers’ work weeks. I think it’s safe to say that these workers would like to have more than two-thirds of their time to dedicate to more meaningful case work, like interacting with actual people.

There are many benefits to simplifying and improving documentation processes: Saving time and money, better serving clients and customers, mitigating risks associated with industry compliance requirements, and generating new business, just to name a few. Voice recognition is now a genuine solution!

Not coincidentally, there are many benefits to using voice recognition for documentation: It’s faster and more accurate (speaking is up to three times faster than typing); it improves the overall quality of reporting; it allows you to capture thoughts and ideas while they are fresh in your mind; it increases productivity in the office and in the field; and it alleviates the pain and discomfort associated with using a mouse and keyboard for long hours – something that shouldn’t be underestimated, considering the annual collective cost of repetitive stress injury.

Speech as an enterprise solution is already being proven. The 2014 International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) revealed that 52 percent of law firms surveyed are now using voice recognition

I hope that this has helped to answer the question, “will voice recognition software help me?”. Please do get in touch to arrange a demonstration or if you have further questions. One last thing, I provide a free copy of the software with my training!

Link to full article… http://whatsnext.nuance.com/office-productivity/speech-recognition-for-enterprise-documentation/

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Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking really work

Many people ask the question, “Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking really work?”

Have a quick look at the video demonstration below and see what you think! There is no way that I can type this quickly, so imagine the savings this can bring to your business or personal life! I recently helped a writer who was a bit reluctant to get started but has just told me that she completed a 2000 word document in half an hour with Dragon, as opposed to 2-3 hours with the keyboard. Time saved!

I myself type at 120 words a minute with my voice! This means that I can fill three sides of A4 in less than 12 minutes by dictating. Time saved! Saving time in this way allows me to concentrate on other areas of my business and also means that I don’t have to stay late at work, or work the weekend just to keep up. Time saved!

If you like the look of this, find out more here! There is no obligation and I provide a free copy of Dragon Premium for PC or Dragon Dictate v4 for Mac with my training, and  a guarantee that it will help you!

Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking really work? Yes it does!



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Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

Will Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional make a difference for you?

This depends on the type of work that you do, but where Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional really wins over the Premium version is with the ability to create custom commands to really automate your workflow.

Typical tasks that can be automated include…

  • working with templates to substitute variable text, so I could easily change [this text] to [that text], navigating by voice
  • navigating to an often visited website with a single command
  • opening a Microsoft Word document with a single command
  • navigating around a lengthy Microsoft Word document using bookmarks as voice commands, instantly jumping from a heading on page 1 to page 15 and back again
  • reducing the use of the mouse and keyboard by creating custom commands to do this more easily by voice
  • automatic transcription of a voice recording from a remote location – by doing this you can have Dragon create a Microsoft Word document ready for you to check when you arrive back in the office!

These facilities are incredibly powerful and can help you save a lot of time with your computer work! They will also allow you to improve the service that you are able to offer to your clients.

If you feel that you are unable to create these commands yourself, I provide a training course to make this as easy as possible, or if you prefer, I also provide a service where I can write these commands for you!

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Command pack for Dragon Dictate for Mac

New command pack for Dragon Dictate for Mac!

Although Dragon Dictate for Mac is very good and will help you to quickly and accurately dictate your text, one of the drawbacks to me is the current shortage of commands that will enable you to work hands free. To get round this problem, Talking Typist provides a free command pack for Dragon Dictate for Mac of over 100 additional commands when training is taken!

These commands are for applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, Apple Mail, iCal, iTunes, Finder and Safari, and come complete with documentation.

Good examples are commands such as ‘Click Bold’ or ‘Click Underline’ to format your text quickly and easily, and the pack was put together to extend the range of commands that are built-in, and make it easier for you to work.

Please contact me if you would like more information about the contents, or if you would like to purchase a pack!

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How fast is Dragon?

Is Dragon faster than the world touch-typing record? This article attempts to answer the question, ‘how fast is Dragon?’

One of the claims that’s often made for Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition is that you can talk faster than you can type.

This depends on the speaker and the typist, of course. Some tobacco auctioneers in the southern states of America have been clocked at up to 450 words per minute, although this is with a very limited vocabulary, consisting mainly of numbers.

Typing speeds vary considerably; somebody who has never been trained and may only use a few fingers to ‘pick and peck’, won’t be as quick as somebody who has been trained as a touch typist, using all fingers and not having to look at the keyboard to know where each key is.

A ‘pick and peck’ typist will probably only manage around 20 words per minute. Typical business typing speeds are around 40wpm, though professional career typists can exceed 100wpm, repeatedly. The world typing speed record is 212wpm, on an ergonomically designed Dvorak keyboard.

The Results

I average 120 words a minute, so I’m not as fast as the world record, but I am comfortably faster than a professional typist, and six times faster than a pick and peck typist!

At normal dictation rates you might only hit about 100wpm, but that’s still two and a half times the average typing rate.

Why is speed important?

Well, obviously, the faster you can create a document, the more you can do in a day. If typing isn’t one of your core skills, dictating is going to prove a lot quicker.

If you type at around 20wpm, a 1,000 word report is going to take you a minimum of 50 minutes. If you can speak it at, say, 100wpm, it’ll take around 10 minutes, giving you 50 minutes to do something else.


Dragon is now very accurate!!

As well as the ease of being able to speak what you want to write, you gain from not needing to correct spellings. Dragon uses a vocabulary of correctly spelt words, so you don’t have to worry whether its ‘conciet’ or ‘conceit’ or ‘seperate’ or ‘separate’. You may have to check the occasional ‘to’, ‘too’ or ‘two’, but in most cases the software will work this out from the context.

Depending on how much typing you do in a day, this kind of saving could be repeated again and again, so you could end up saving hours.

 What else can I use Dragon for?

It’s not just reports or articles you can save time on, as Dragon can be used with most popular email clients to create the 20 or 30 emails a typical office worker sends in a day. You can control formatting in Word too, by issuing commands as well as dictation within the program.

You can also use Dragon to give voice commands through Windows to online services such as Google. Even in the middle of dictation, it’s quite possible to speed research with commands such as ‘Search Google for paper suppliers in Birmingham’ or ‘Open top site for local weather forecast’.

This usually proves much quicker than opening your browser and typing a request into the search box.

This post is a summary of a recent article by Simon Williams, the full text is available here…


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The Productivity Workshop

Productivity Workshop,

to be run at the

Witney Business and Innovation Centre


on April 10th from 9:30 – 12:30

I’m really excited to announce my first ever workshop, helping local businesses to improve their productivity!


  • Ian Adkins (Futures by Design) – How to have your best year ever with productivity increases to drive businesses.
  • Dylis Guyan – How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes Business Owners make that keep sales stagnant and profits paralysed.
  • Neil Sleight (Talking Typist) – demonstrating and answering questions about the ultimate productivity tool.

Find out…

  1. How many opportunities you and your business could be missing out on due to a lock of productivity
  2. Top hints and tips on how to increase productivity in any business, so you can get more stuff done!
  3. Discover the ULTIMATE productivity tool that has revolutionised so many businesses, creating a MASSIVE impact on their bottom line

Tea and coffee is provided, with a buffet lunch and plenty of opportunities to network!

You can register for the productivity workshop by visiting the link below, but places are limited so please book now to avoid disappointment!


Productivity Workshop

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Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon – a short clip showing Dragon in use for dictation into Microsoft Word

192 words in 1 minute 31 seconds, no Dragon errors – a typing speed of  128 words a minute!!

You can get this software free of charge with an unequivocal guarantee that it will work for you!!

I am so convinced that this software can help your business that I will take it away if, during a training session, you feel that it is not going to help you, and I also provide the software completely free of charge!

It is time to Stop Typing, Start Living!

Please contact me for more information here!

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The top 10 reasons to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking!

This short video shows the top 10 reasons to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking!

Let’s have a look at these points in more detail…

  1. I always want to complete my paperwork as quickly as I can – with Dragon NaturallySpeaking I can type at 120 words a minute, completing a page of A4 in under 4 minutes! I am confident that I can show you how to do this yourself!
  2. I will show you how using Dragon can help you to reduce your costs. According to the Office for National Statistics, the average take home salary was £455 a week or £21,840 a year in November 2014. If you employ people who spend 50% of their time at their PC you can help them reduce this time by a third – saving £7,280 per person per year!!
  3. Completing paperwork this quickly will help to reduce any stress you may feel when trying to meet deadlines, and reduce the hours that you work as a result.
  4. Voice recognition software is now in widespread use on devices like smartphones and TV’s – it makes sense to work smarter!
  5. This will all help you to improve the service that you offer to your customers.
  6. Reducing the use of the keyboard will reduce the risk of problems such as RSI for you or your employees.
  7. You control your email and calendar with your voice.
  8. Create text on your PC even if you are not in the office using a smartphone and free app! (This requires the Professional version).
  9. Create reports, spreadsheets, presentations and more with your voice. Instantly format and delete text.
  10. And finally, it really works! I guarantee this with my training or I will take the software away. I also provide a free copy of Dragon Premium with my training, so there has never been a better time to try this software and see what a difference it will make for you.

The top ten reasons to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking! – Stop typing, start living!

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking problems

Dragon NaturallySpeaking problems… is your Dragon misbehaving?!
If you feel that you are not seeing the results you expected when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, there is almost certainly an easy solution! If it is setup correctly there should be no reasons for anyone to experience Dragon NaturallySpeaking problems!
Version 13 of Dragon is the latest available and is unbelievably good, so much so that I guarantee satisfaction with my training! I recently trained an employment lawyer who told me that within a week of using it, it has revolutionised his way of working!
You may have a problem with the settings, so try these options…
  • Have a look at retuning the microphone from the Dragon Bar (under Audio – Check microphone)
  •  Read a bit more text to improve the accuracy (under Audio – Read text to improve accuracy)
  • Launch Accuracy Tuning (under Audio – Launch accuracy tuning)
  • Also, the best thing you can do initially is to speak slowly and clearly using short phrases. I generally find that the faster I speak, the more recognition errors I see, and speaking clearly allows me to type at 120 words a minute!

I hope to be running some workshops in Witney and other parts of Oxfordshire soon. As well as looking at what is possible with voice recognition, I will also include a troubleshooting section! If this is of interest, please do get in touch by emailing neil@talkingtypist.co.uk.

Neil Sleight



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