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Will Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional make a difference for you?

This depends on the type of work that you do, but where Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional really wins over the Premium version is with the ability to create custom commands to really automate your workflow.

Typical tasks that can be automated include…

  • working with templates to substitute variable text, so I could easily change [this text] to [that text], navigating by voice
  • navigating to an often visited website with a single command
  • opening a Microsoft Word document with a single command
  • navigating around a lengthy Microsoft Word document using bookmarks as voice commands, instantly jumping from a heading on page 1 to page 15 and back again
  • reducing the use of the mouse and keyboard by creating custom commands to do this more easily by voice
  • automatic transcription of a voice recording from a remote location – by doing this you can have Dragon create a Microsoft Word document ready for you to check when you arrive back in the office!

These facilities are incredibly powerful and can help you save a lot of time with your computer work! They will also allow you to improve the service that you are able to offer to your clients.

If you feel that you are unable to create these commands yourself, I provide a training course to make this as easy as possible, or if you prefer, I also provide a service where I can write these commands for you!

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How fast is Dragon?

Is Dragon faster than the world touch-typing record? This article attempts to answer the question, ‘how fast is Dragon?’

One of the claims that’s often made for Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition is that you can talk faster than you can type.

This depends on the speaker and the typist, of course. Some tobacco auctioneers in the southern states of America have been clocked at up to 450 words per minute, although this is with a very limited vocabulary, consisting mainly of numbers.

Typing speeds vary considerably; somebody who has never been trained and may only use a few fingers to ‘pick and peck’, won’t be as quick as somebody who has been trained as a touch typist, using all fingers and not having to look at the keyboard to know where each key is.

A ‘pick and peck’ typist will probably only manage around 20 words per minute. Typical business typing speeds are around 40wpm, though professional career typists can exceed 100wpm, repeatedly. The world typing speed record is 212wpm, on an ergonomically designed Dvorak keyboard.

The Results

I average 120 words a minute, so I’m not as fast as the world record, but I am comfortably faster than a professional typist, and six times faster than a pick and peck typist!

At normal dictation rates you might only hit about 100wpm, but that’s still two and a half times the average typing rate.

Why is speed important?

Well, obviously, the faster you can create a document, the more you can do in a day. If typing isn’t one of your core skills, dictating is going to prove a lot quicker.

If you type at around 20wpm, a 1,000 word report is going to take you a minimum of 50 minutes. If you can speak it at, say, 100wpm, it’ll take around 10 minutes, giving you 50 minutes to do something else.


Dragon is now very accurate!!

As well as the ease of being able to speak what you want to write, you gain from not needing to correct spellings. Dragon uses a vocabulary of correctly spelt words, so you don’t have to worry whether its ‘conciet’ or ‘conceit’ or ‘seperate’ or ‘separate’. You may have to check the occasional ‘to’, ‘too’ or ‘two’, but in most cases the software will work this out from the context.

Depending on how much typing you do in a day, this kind of saving could be repeated again and again, so you could end up saving hours.

 What else can I use Dragon for?

It’s not just reports or articles you can save time on, as Dragon can be used with most popular email clients to create the 20 or 30 emails a typical office worker sends in a day. You can control formatting in Word too, by issuing commands as well as dictation within the program.

You can also use Dragon to give voice commands through Windows to online services such as Google. Even in the middle of dictation, it’s quite possible to speed research with commands such as ‘Search Google for paper suppliers in Birmingham’ or ‘Open top site for local weather forecast’.

This usually proves much quicker than opening your browser and typing a request into the search box.

This post is a summary of a recent article by Simon Williams, the full text is available here…


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The Productivity Workshop

Productivity Workshop,

to be run at the

Witney Business and Innovation Centre


on April 10th from 9:30 – 12:30

I’m really excited to announce my first ever workshop, helping local businesses to improve their productivity!


  • Ian Adkins (Futures by Design) – How to have your best year ever with productivity increases to drive businesses.
  • Dylis Guyan – How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes Business Owners make that keep sales stagnant and profits paralysed.
  • Neil Sleight (Talking Typist) – demonstrating and answering questions about the ultimate productivity tool.

Find out…

  1. How many opportunities you and your business could be missing out on due to a lock of productivity
  2. Top hints and tips on how to increase productivity in any business, so you can get more stuff done!
  3. Discover the ULTIMATE productivity tool that has revolutionised so many businesses, creating a MASSIVE impact on their bottom line

Tea and coffee is provided, with a buffet lunch and plenty of opportunities to network!

You can register for the productivity workshop by visiting the link below, but places are limited so please book now to avoid disappointment!


Productivity Workshop

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Enter the Dragon

Enter the Dragon – a short clip showing Dragon in use for dictation into Microsoft Word

192 words in 1 minute 31 seconds, no Dragon errors – a typing speed of  128 words a minute!!

You can get this software free of charge with an unequivocal guarantee that it will work for you!!

I am so convinced that this software can help your business that I will take it away if, during a training session, you feel that it is not going to help you, and I also provide the software completely free of charge!

It is time to Stop Typing, Start Living!

Please contact me for more information here!

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The top 10 reasons to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking!

This short video shows the top 10 reasons to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking!

Let’s have a look at these points in more detail…

  1. I always want to complete my paperwork as quickly as I can – with Dragon NaturallySpeaking I can type at 120 words a minute, completing a page of A4 in under 4 minutes! I am confident that I can show you how to do this yourself!
  2. I will show you how using Dragon can help you to reduce your costs. According to the Office for National Statistics, the average take home salary was £455 a week or £21,840 a year in November 2014. If you employ people who spend 50% of their time at their PC you can help them reduce this time by a third – saving £7,280 per person per year!!
  3. Completing paperwork this quickly will help to reduce any stress you may feel when trying to meet deadlines, and reduce the hours that you work as a result.
  4. Voice recognition software is now in widespread use on devices like smartphones and TV’s – it makes sense to work smarter!
  5. This will all help you to improve the service that you offer to your customers.
  6. Reducing the use of the keyboard will reduce the risk of problems such as RSI for you or your employees.
  7. You control your email and calendar with your voice.
  8. Create text on your PC even if you are not in the office using a smartphone and free app! (This requires the Professional version).
  9. Create reports, spreadsheets, presentations and more with your voice. Instantly format and delete text.
  10. And finally, it really works! I guarantee this with my training or I will take the software away. I also provide a free copy of Dragon Premium with my training, so there has never been a better time to try this software and see what a difference it will make for you.

The top ten reasons to use Dragon NaturallySpeaking! – Stop typing, start living!

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GP Speech recognition

This post considers how GP speech recognition might help in busy GP Practices.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking is now so accurate that it is a genuine productivity tool and is being used more and more in the medical world. It even has a distinct medical version with a very specialised vocabulary and it can definitely help GP Practices today – especially those that are struggling to keep up with the demands placed on them.

I am helping to promote and support LOASys (Logical Office Automation System) locally because I have seen it and know that it has the potential to help every GP! Why would any GP or Practice Manager consider using it?

  • to improve efficiency
  • to improve quality of information collected
  • to reduce costs

We can help with this by using advanced practice management systems that are easy to use, and which take advantage of the latest voice recognition software! With this solution, the dictation typist is a computer, and will be available to work 24 hours a day, 365 says a year!

There are no upfront fees for this solution and for orders placed before 31st March 2015, a free microphone is provided!


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How to keep improving at work

How to keep improving in a fast-moving, tech-heavy world? Speak up!

This text comes from an article written by Rick Brown – the full version can be found here… http://whatsnext.nuance.com/office-productivity/dragon-naturallyspeaking-13/

In its latest iteration, Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 stands tall and proud, emerging as the most accurate, fastest, and all-around best version of Dragon yet. While the central dogma of the use of Dragon remains the same, several new features have been added to make the Dragon experience even more engaging and productive.

For instance, for the first time, users are able to put down their headsets and engage with Dragon via built-in microphone, if so desired. Just think: you can cook dinner and edit your novel, write a report not sitting but standing, fold laundry and email your boss, all with the innate and inherent power of your own voice. Never before has Dragon been so natural, comfortable, or flexible.

In the age of computers, typing, desks and phone calls, we spend hours a day slouching in a desk chair, hunched over a keyboard. Working becomes not only mentally challenging, but physically taxing, as we contort our body into an unnatural hunch that our backs most certainly resent – not to mention our future selves. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 enables us to break out of the literal work day slump and write emails, draft documents, and search the Web not with fingers moving on a keyboard and back slouching over a computer, but with voice.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Dragon 13 is the complete experience it can offer you: voice command and control lets you interact with your computer in a comfortable, ergonomic way that enables you to work hands-free or to multitask. No longer bound by desk, chair, or keyboard, you are empowered to work how you want, where you want.

Dragon 13 also now comes with an enhanced, modern and intuitive user interface, mediating the ever-important relationship between human and technology and allowing you and Dragon to “get to know each other” with ease. Dragon 13 also features a new, contemporary user interface, faster profile setup, and significant improvements in web application support. The new Rich Internet Application support (RIA) leverages theW3C ARIA accessibility standard for the web and delivers more robust control of web applications Full Text Control in supported text fields for popular Internet applications like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and Outlook.com. The new RIA support is compatible with, as well as the latest versions of the Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

The relationship between Dragon and user is entirely reciprocal: just as you learn Dragon, Dragon learns you. The Dragon experience is personalized, as it becomes more and more accurate by actually learning the words and phrases that you use the most. Adaptive intelligence is the best kind.

The experience of using Dragon 13 is just as liberating as all other versions of the program, but new improvements make this version the best yet. Dragon is the fastest and most accurate way to interact with your computer, and it dramatically boosts your personal productivity. Running on a boundless expanse of programs and applications, Dragon 13 also gives you more freedom than ever: with Dragon, you can dictate text anywhere you would normally type. And for the first time, built-in mic support makes this dictation possible without the constraint of a headset.

More than just capable of performing these tasks, Dragon is able to perform them exceptionally well. Dragon delivers up to 99% speech recognition accuracy right out of the box, so you can start dictating with near-perfect accuracy the day you purchase it. Our most innovate and exciting Dragon yet, Dragon 13 will revolutionise the way you work and empower you to be your most productive self.


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Office in a Box and Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Talking Typist has teamed up with office automation specialist eCDocs to offer a complete system – ‘Office in a Box and Dragon NaturallySpeaking’.

This system offers small businesses big business facilities at a sensible price and might be described as thinking inside the box!

Office in a Box provides a one stop, single user, office administration system for just £999 plus VAT. We all use word processing, spreadsheets and email on a daily basis, but what if we could do this with our voice? Office in a Box includes…

  • A completely configured and tailored high spec laptop – HP i5, 6Gb Windows 8
  • Microsoft Office 2013 with Outlook
  • Dragon 13 speech recognition with a wired headset microphone
  • Training video module
  • eCDocs CRM software
  • Antivirus software
  • Delivery

With this you can store the names and addresses of clients, suppliers and contacts just as big businesses do, then easily send emails and letters created with just a couple of mouse clicks. Click and save responses and scans of documents that are automatically indexed for rapid retrieval.

Office in a Box is delivered fully set up and ready to go and the Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition software included is highly accurate and very productive, allowing you to dictate your letters, reports or emails exactly as if you had a secretary!

With Office in a Box you can work in the comfort of your desk or at home, it is completely up to you! You are no longer restricted to your office. This system gives you more time to do the things that your business requires you to do in order to maximise your profits and boost efficiency and it is simple to use and affordable!

“We use Office in a Box and our business has grown 50% each year for the past 3 years but our office administration costs have not increased at all.”

Laura Davies, daMar Security, Solihull

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How fast can you type

Most people can only manage to type at about 40 words a minute and as a result find themselves struggling to keep up with an ever growing volume of paperwork. I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking and can type at speeds in excess of 120 words a minute, so I complete my paperwork faster. How fast can you type?!

Talking Typist is working with LOASys (Logical Office Automation Systems) to automate the process of transcribing spoken text using a portable dictation device, or even a mobile phone! This system is absolutely ideal for busy GP Practices, particularly in light of the recent news about increasing workloads and pressure for many GPs.

Using a similar technique would allow you to…

  • complete your paperwork quickly
  • reduce any stress you feel due to deadlines
  • improve the service you are able to provide to your patients
  • meet obligatory deadlines

What if the ‘dictation typist’ was a computer ready to work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year?

You will be able to dictate when working away from your Practice, and send your recording back to your computer server simply by pressing send. Your recording is then interpreted automatically and converted to text so that it is ready for you to check when you return. This can also be completed for you by support staff who can listen to your message (with instructions if necessary), and ensure the text is correct. It is also then loaded automatically into an appropriate document template ready for printing and sending out!

This is such a powerful technique and I’m really pleased to be able to provide training and support for medical practices in Oxfordshire and surrounding counties. I would be very happy to provide a demonstration and answer any questions that you may have. Please contact me by email at neil@talkingtypist.co.uk

There has never been a better time to Stop Typing and Start Living!!

Neil Sleight

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