An introduction to Dragon - can it help me?

What is covered in this webinar?
Neil is an accredited Dragon trainer with 20 years experience using the software and helping many different people. He has recently published a training textbook and online course, which has been approved by Student Finance England for university students with a disability.

Who should attend?

This event is designed to provide an overview of Dragon speech recognition software. You may have heard about it before, or perhaps already tried it and thought that it wasn't for you.

However, it is now very accurate and is particularly helpful for writers, journalists, solicitors, surveyors, copywriters - anyone who writes!

If you (or your staff) spend a lot of time during the day sitting at your computer keyboard, this free webinar will introduce Dragon to you and demonstrate the benefits.

If you’ve never heard about it, or used it before in your job, you will love this introduction. The cost savings, health benefits and efficiencies alone are astounding.

The average typing speed in the UK is 30-40 words a minute - with Dragon you can triple this to 120 words a minute.

That's a saving of one hour for every three that you spend typing!

  • Let's say you pay your staff £30k a year - the saving per person is £10k...
  • not only that, they are more productive
  • working faster enables deadlines to be met more easily
  • you provide a better service to your customers
  • and... there are health benefits too! Less risk of developing painful conditions such as RSI or arthritis and less stress to meet deadlines
  • Dragon is a cost effective solution to help improve productivity

What will be covered?

The event is being run by accredited Dragon trainer with 20 years experience of helping people to use this amazing software. It will explore how using speech recognition can help in many areas of business and show what you need to get started.

We'll also be looking at the seven most common mistakes people make when using Dragon and how avoiding these can make a big difference!

Also included is a live demonstration of Dragon in use. Feedback from a previous event included the comment that the demonstration was "the most impressive 10 minutes I've seen in 35 years of networking!"

What will you gain from the event?

You will gain an insight into how Dragon works and how it might help in your business.

To find out more about this amazing software, the only cost to you is 45 minutes of your time, but that could save you many more hours during the year!

July 28, 2021
At 6:30 pm

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