Dragon Case Study 1

Mrs H in Witney carried out assessments to help identify equipment to help people back to work following illness or an accident. This often involved lengthy journeys, and then writing a report that could run to 15 or 20 pages.

These reports were usually done in the evening or at the weekend, taking up personal time, so Mrs H thought that Dragon would be worth trying. I visited and set the software up for her, and followed this with half a day of training.

Shortly after this I contacted Mrs H to see how things were going and she was able to say that for the first time ever, she was up-to-date with her paperwork!

This is a very similar situation to that which I found myself in when I was carrying out assessments for Access to Work. I was also travelling a lot and finding that I was writing up my reports in my own time, and they had to be completed to a strict deadline, so they couldn’t be put to one side! However, using Dragon meant that I could complete my reports with ease, and the parts that had taken the longest were now taking no time at all – this was preparing three commercial quotations for all the equipment that I recommended.

This is why I am confident that Dragon will help most businesses with their paperwork!

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