Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking really work

Many people ask the question, “Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking really work?”

Have a quick look at the video demonstration below and see what you think! There is no way that I can type this quickly, so imagine the savings this can bring to your business or personal life! I recently helped a writer who was a bit reluctant to get started but has just told me that she completed a 2000 word document in half an hour with Dragon, as opposed to 2-3 hours with the keyboard. Time saved!

I myself type at 120 words a minute with my voice! This means that I can fill three sides of A4 in less than 12 minutes by dictating. Time saved! Saving time in this way allows me to concentrate on other areas of my business and also means that I don’t have to stay late at work, or work the weekend just to keep up. Time saved!

If you like the look of this, find out more here! There is no obligation and I provide a free copy of Dragon Premium for PC or Dragon Dictate v4 for Mac with my training, and  a guarantee that it will help you!

Does Dragon NaturallySpeaking really work? Yes it does!



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