Dragon and Arthritis or RSI

Can Dragon help people with RSI and arthritis?

I believe that the answer is yes having carried out many joint assessments for Access to Work with ergonomic experts, visiting people with a range of problems such as RSI, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, MS and tendonitis. These assessments have often been followed by training, so I have seen at first hand just how Dragon can help. It is no exaggeration to say that it can be life changing!

Here’s a preview of my new online training for Dragon users! This shows how easy it is to format text and is great for people with painful conditions like arthritis and RSI, who want to reduce the use of a keyboard or mouse.


These conditions can be extremely painful and often develop over a long period of time when people use a mouse or keyboard at work, especially if the main task is repetitive, such as using the number pad on your keyboard to enter numbers. This often means that work takes longer because regular breaks are needed.

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An ergonomic assessment can help by suggesting a different keyboard or mouse, an adjustable desk or chair that is more supportive, and being aware of head and neck movements as you work.

Ergonomic equipment is not always the only solution however, and Dragon can have a big part to play in helping to ease the symptoms of RSI and similar problems.

The main advantage to using Dragon is that you can control your computer with voice commands, reducing the use of the mouse and keyboard, and with the ability to create custom commands, it is possible to automate repetitive actions.

A good example of this might be a voice command to open a particular website that is visited often and type the username and password for you.

So, yes, Dragon provides an alternative way of working that will allow people to carry on using their computer without exacerbating their painful symptoms. Not only that, but it is also faster than using the keyboard!