Dragon and dyslexia

I’m often asked whether Dragon can help if you are dyslexic.

The answer is a definite yes!

Most of my training is currently with university students who may struggle to write if they are dyslexic. They often say that they know what they want to write and can talk it through, but sitting at a computer screen with a blank document in front of them is difficult.

It’s also common to miss words out or write them in the wrong order when typing. A combination of dictating text with Dragon and using the proofreading tools shown here will help to reduce this problem.

Not only does it save time, Dragon significantly reduces the errors that you might make when typing because it cannot make a spelling mistake! However, although very accurate, it may not understand what you said and will then write the wrong word, so proofreading is still important.

Most people don’t proofread properly, they skim read and hearing your text read aloud to you will help to improve the quality of the text.

Professional people who are dyslexic often tell me that they cannot get their words onto the page when typing, and when they do, they often use simpler words which make their work look less professional. Dragon will also help resolve this problem.

Dragon does provide a couple of proofreading tools on the DragonBar under audio.

Microsoft Office 365 also has a tool called Read Aloud (on the Review Ribbon), that allows you to visually track the spoken text as it is read aloud to you.