Dragon NaturallySpeaking problems

Dragon NaturallySpeaking problems… is your Dragon misbehaving?!
If you feel that you are not seeing the results you expected when using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, there is almost certainly an easy solution! If it is setup correctly there should be no reasons for anyone to experience Dragon NaturallySpeaking problems!
Version 13 of Dragon is the latest available and is unbelievably good, so much so that I guarantee satisfaction with my training! I recently trained an employment lawyer who told me that within a week of using it, it has revolutionised his way of working!
You may have a problem with the settings, so try these options…
  • Have a look at retuning the microphone from the Dragon Bar (under Audio – Check microphone)
  • ┬áRead a bit more text to improve the accuracy (under Audio – Read text to improve accuracy)
  • Launch Accuracy Tuning (under Audio – Launch accuracy tuning)
  • Also, the best thing you can do initially is to speak slowly and clearly using short phrases. I generally find that the faster I speak, the more recognition errors I see, and speaking clearly allows me to type at 120 words a minute!

I hope to be running some workshops in Witney and other parts of Oxfordshire soon. As well as looking at what is possible with voice recognition, I will also include a troubleshooting section! If this is of interest, please do get in touch by emailing neil@talkingtypist.co.uk.

Neil Sleight



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