Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional

Will Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional make a difference for you?

This depends on the type of work that you do, but where Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional really wins over the Premium version is with the ability to create custom commands to really automate your workflow.

Typical tasks that can be automated include…

  • working with templates to substitute variable text, so I could easily change [this text] to [that text], navigating by voice
  • navigating to an often visited website with a single command
  • opening a Microsoft Word document with a single command
  • navigating around a lengthy Microsoft Word document using bookmarks as voice commands, instantly jumping from a heading on page 1 to page 15 and back again
  • reducing the use of the mouse and keyboard by creating custom commands to do this more easily by voice
  • automatic transcription of a voice recording from a remote location – by doing this you can have Dragon create a Microsoft Word document ready for you to check when you arrive back in the office!

These facilities are incredibly powerful and can help you save a lot of time with your computer work! They will also allow you to improve the service that you are able to offer to your clients.

If you feel that you are unable to create these commands yourself, I provide a training course to make this as easy as possible, or if you prefer, I also provide a service where I can write these commands for you!

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