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Three times faster than typing!

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Can Dragon software really help you?

I’m so confident Dragon will help you or your business that I am offering what I believe is a unique and unbeatable guarantee! I want everyone to try it out, at no cost to themselves. Here’s how...

Three FREE ways to try it out

  1. I run occasional demonstrations for small groups of people, mostly by Zoom at the moment...
  2. Try the software by downloading from the Nuance web site and have the benefit of a 30 day money back guarantee.
  3. Sign on for my online course with a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied - this is the most cost effective training anywhere!

My three-part promise to you

I use Dragon all the time in my work life, and have also seen how it has helped so many other people. I am so certain you will benefit that I wanted to offer the following three-part promise:

  1. I will give you an honest assessment of whether voice recognition will help you, and will not recommend it if I believe that this is not so.
  2. It happens only rarely, but if I honestly believe that Dragon will not help you, I will be completely straight with you and say so, and it won’t have cost you anything.
  3. A no quibble guarantee and refund if you feel the software won't help, having tried my training.