How to increase productivity

This post looks at how to increase productivity for your business…

If you regularly post a blog or create a newsletter, if you regularly create written proposals for your clients, and if you regularly feel that you cannot keep up with this work, then I have the experience to help your business and make this easier for you. An added benefit for you is that you can improve the service you are able to provide for your customers!

Over the last 20 years I have been helping many people in many different organisations who have exactly this type of problem. I have visited larger organisations such as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, and many smaller local businesses.

I am extremely lucky because I am able to visit many interesting work locations, but also because I really enjoy my work. It is very pleasing to be able to help someone with this type of problem, especially if it enables them to complete work that they were unable to do before.

The way that we are all using computers is changing rapidly, perhaps even more so today, and I genuinely believe that there has never been a better or more exciting time to stop typing, start living!!

Additionally, I am going to be making donations to my favourite charities with every half day of training that I provide – both of these charities are very close to our hearts as a family.

Please take a look at Yellow Submarine in Oxford – a great charity that supports young people with a disability, and it’s a great cafe if ever you find yourself in Oxford!

Also, I am supporting the Myotonic Dystrophy Appeal for research into this condition.

And last but not least, I have introduced a monthly payment plan to help you spread the cost of any training that I provide. This will include some lovely additional features and support for you – not that I would ever let you down. It is in my interest to ensure that you get the most help possible!

It really does pay when you know how to increase productivity for your business!

Neil Sleight

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