How to type faster

The surprising answer to the question of how to type faster is to forget all about using your keyboard!

Many people are calling this the beginning of the age of voice recognition. It is already in widespread use and you can buy voice activated television sets and cars today! With a voice activated television you could ask it to ‘find a John Wayne film from the 1970’s’ and it would search your program list and display the alternatives on the screen!

It is becoming easier and easier to use this technology but it is so powerful on a computer, and training can be very important. There has never been a better time to try this it, and I will offer you an unconditional guarantee that it will work and help make your working life easier.

Imagine being able to send an email or search the web by voice. Better still, I regularly type at speeds above 120 words a minute with my voice – faster than a touch typist! This means that I can complete a 2000 word report in under 20 minutes – on the keyboard it would take me over an hour!

A bonus from working like this is that you will improve the service that you offer your customers by responding much more quickly to them. This is absolutely ideal if you regularly visit customers, take some notes and then prepare a report for them. So for instance, it is worth considering if you are a risk assessor, loss adjuster or surveyor.

It is time to stop typing and start living! Learn how to type faster and stop using your keyboard!

Neil Sleight

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