Online Dragon training

Online Dragon training course!

Part 1 of my online training for Dragon speech recognition users is approved by Student Finance England for university students and will show you how to

  • quickly and confidently dictate text in Microsoft Word
  • write at speeds of up to 120 words a minute
  • avoid the seven biggest mistakes that people make when using Dragon
  • understand how to get the best out of an amazing app

Why should you consider this course…

  1. They are created by an accredited Dragon trainer with over 20 years experience
  2. Over that time I have found that Dragon users tend to make the same mistakes – this training will stop you doing the same!
  3. This will help whether you are new to Dragon or are already using it
  4. The course is available to you for as long as you want, for a cost effective, one-time payment
  5. The course covers what would usually take one or two half day sessions of commercial training
  6. Each module will only take two to three minutes of your time
  7. All this in under an hour of your time!

Finally, if you

  • can only type slowly, this course will show you how to write quicker
  • if you have painful conditions such as arthritis, you will be using the keyboard and mouse less
  • if you find writing difficult, this combination of software and training will make it easier!


Preview the course here!

A step-by-step guide for Dragon Users - Part 1 rating