Some of the comments and testimonials received from people that I have trained… 

Dragon has been a small investment that has paid for itself many times over and it is saving me a lot of time.

Jan de Jonge, Business Psychologist



Dragon has just saved me hours! I have just typed a 2000 word presentation, in under half an hour without lifting a finger. It would have taken me 2 to 3 hours. So now I'm going to go shopping with the time I've just saved.

Thank you Neil, I'm loving it. Nothing technical yet just stops and commas, and new lines, but we have made a start…

TG, Didcot


I am not prone to hyperbole but am happy to say with conviction that this combination of software and training is the single most significant aid to productivity in all the 25 years in my profession apart from the introduction of computers!

If you are of a similar vintage to me, think of the difference between a manual typewriter and a word processor and then multiply it tenfold.

GP, Martin&Co, Witney


Dragon is very impressive and I really appreciate that it will increase my ability to work more effectively and efficiently without discomfort. I am already receiving the newsletter which is a huge bonus. Neil Sleight was extremely knowledgable and helpful. He paced the lesson to my individual needs and had a good understanding of the physical difficulties I have. His training method gave me a confidence in using the dragon software for the first time. None of my collegues use Dragon so I feal very reasurred that I can contact Neil for advice in the future

HJ, Bracknell


Thank you for the training you provided me with, which was very well delivered. Your invaluable patience and detailed guidance through each of the programs helped me make it through without much struggle, and the knowledge that I gained can only continue to grow.

It was really great working with you and I would like to take this opportunity to thank MKC computers for arranging the training with one of the best trainers!

Thanks again.

SC, Hammersmith


Very good. Went through everything with me until I had full understanding.

AW, Slough


Thank you for the information provided, I will look at it over the next few days. I had been dreading the training but….it was really good!

SF, Huddersfield


My trainer was very patient with trying to sort out problems I was having. An excellent session.

MD, Oxford


Just a quick e-mail to thank Neil for the training delivered which was very informative and the new skills learnt has  been extremely useful and helpful in developing my new working capabilities.

The way in which Neil supported me was second to none and I would like to thank Neil for his professionalism and time spent with me.

Thank you ever so much,

MH, Barnsley


I received two whole day Dragon training sessions from Neil in May and June 2008 after having some training from another trainer who I felt very uncomfortable with. I was apprehensive about the training because of my past experience but Neil’s style is reassuring and inspires confidence. He is calm and allowed me to work at my pace.

The training has been useful and has enabled me to carry out my daily work in more comfort. Neil was very knowledgeable and was able to answer all my questions. The training both verbal and with written handout was very thorough and gave me the skills I need to operate Dragon successfully. I use many different systems and he helped me to use Dragon on all the systems that I am using, even setting up short cuts for me.
Neil is a knowledgeable and competent trainer.

JR, Basildon


The training that Neil has given me on the Dragon Naturally speaking software is going really well. This program actually helps me access software that I had difficulty in within my work environment.

When Neil was showing me how to use the Dragon software he made it fun and enjoyable to learn and made me feel quite relaxed and confident on how I should be speaking into the microphone.

This software assists me on being more precise and efficient with my work

I would recommend this software to any one that has dyslexia.

LR, Billericay