Transforming documentation by voice

It’s now possible to see the powerful impact voice and language solutions are having within the document-intensive industries we work with daily.

New voice and language solutions continue to impact productivity at every level – from improving workflows, to simplifying daily tasks.

The automation of these tasks – whether at home or where we work – rely on a set of intelligent systems; all of which use complex algorithms driven by machine learning to take a human ability, like language, touch or a simple gesture, and transform it into an action.

In fact, this was the premise that Dragon Speech Recognition was built upon over twenty-years ago; to take the everyday task of typing and transform it into a simpler process by voice.

The first iteration of Dragon Speech Recognition took incoming streams of sound and interpreted them into dictation. What used to take hours to do; namely typing a document, turned into literally minutes, all simply by speaking into a computer.

Advances in technology have turned the complex algorithms engineers scratched out on their white boards back then into reality. Today’s intelligent speech recognition engines not only interpret dictation, but also understand its context; distinguishing between words like homophones (for example: to, two, and too). They recognize the difference between dictation and a command, like “open Microsoft Word” and the technology learns and adapts the more it’s used, learning the subtle nuances of spoken words. It can even distinguish, and remove background noise.

The power of all of this built-in functionality has propelled documentation productivity further than we could have ever imagined 20 years ago.

Law firms, whose clients are becoming ever more tech-savvy, are embracing voice-powered documentation solutions to shift labour-intensive tasks such as writing case files and briefs into seamless workflows. And financial services firms are using the accuracy that speech recognition offers to mitigate risk and improve compliance, in the face of expanding rules and regulations.

For the document-intensive industries that we work with daily, seeing the transformative impact our voice and language solutions are having is just as exciting today as it was twenty years ago when we first started automating talking into text.

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From an article originally written by Mark Geremia. Copyright Nuance.       See full article here