Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking

A light-hearted look at how using Dragon NaturallySpeaking can help you meet your deadlines!

You can dictate directly into Microsoft Word or Outlook, and even search the Internet using voice commands if you wish.

Using Dragon NaturallySpeaking will allow you to complete your paperwork up to three times faster – to put this in perspective, if you have a report that would take you one hour to type, you can complete it in under twenty minutes with your voice! However, this is not the end of the story – with Dragon you can create your own ‘commands’, roughly equivalent to Microsoft Word macros, so you can instantly insert standard paragraphs of text such as a signature, quotation or opening statement.

You can also create commands so that you can navigate and complete a template by voice, filling in variables such as names and addresses, and other changeable fields.

Other possibilities include using a digital dictaphone or smart phone to record notes when you are away from your office, and then connect this device to your PC when you return, and ask Dragon to convert these digital notes into text for you!

The Talking Typist provides comprehensive training courses for people using Dragon NaturallySpeaking, including the creation of commands like this – you won’t believe how much time this can save! If you do not have the time or the inclination to create your own commands, we will do it for you – our passion is to help you save time with your paperwork!

Many people are saying that this is the age of voice recognition and it is now genuinely very good – I offer what I believe is a unique guarantee to ensure that Dragon will help you. Find out more about this by contacting me here!

It is time to Stop Typing, and Start Living!

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