What can you do with Dragon?

I’m often asked “what can you do with Dragon?” and the answer is that you can do as much or as little as you want to!

The obvious example is that you can dictate text directly into Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook or any application that requires text, and if you do no more than this, using Dragon will still be faster than typing; my typing speed with Dragon is 120 words per minute!

However, taking advantage of other commands can help to speed you up even more, and you can format, delete and move text, control the Word Ribbon, and open, close, save or delete documents, all with voice commands!

In Outlook you can open, close, delete, reply to, forward, create and send emails and dictate all the text you need.

On the desktop you can open, close, minimise, maximise and switch between windows.

You can also search the web or your computer with simple voice commands.

Although this can seem a bit daunting to start with because there are so many commands available, the structure is logical and most commands equate to what you would naturally say to achieve the same thing, so for instance, to move your cursor to the end of the line, you would say “go to end of line“.

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