New features in Dragon Dictate v4 for Mac

What are the new features in Dragon Dictate v4?

Mac users who want to be more productive and use their voice to command their computer will really benefit from the new features in Dragon Dictate v4 for Mac. It is ideal for writers and bloggers, creative professionals, school and college students, journalists, business people, home users, teachers, and many others.

Dragon Dictate 4 now also provides a powerful, accurate transcription capability from any audio source. Examples of use include:

Writers/Authors/Bloggers/Content Creators

  • Compose while away from the computer using a recording device to capture content from your own voice, or from another single speaker, and transcribe this content later.
  • Also transcribe recorded speech audio from Internet sources, such as podcasts.

Teachers and Students

For transcription of lectures and presentations, either by the speaker, or by another individual. Examples may include:

  • Professors who want to make transcriptions of their lectures readily available to students without having to manually transcribe the results.
  • Teaching Assistants, some of who may need to transcribe recordings of multiple professors’ lectures.
  • Students who record their professors’ lectures and transcribe them.

Field workers such as Insurance, Law Enforcement and Social Services 

For note taking and report writing in the field – anyone who is away from the desk or computer but needs to capture information from one or more sources. Examples may include:

  • Claims Adjustors for insurance companies who will use a digital voice recorder or smartphone to record notes and/or compose text for use in reports.
  • Police officers or social services workers who need to quickly capture information for report writing, taking notes or writing “on scene” reports.
  • Letting agents who may want to quickly describe the contents and condition of each room as they move around a house.

Video Producers

For transcribing the audio portion of a video of a single speaker to produce, for example:

  • Text for subtitles.

 The new powerful transcription feature allows you to:

  • Accurately transcribe an audio file of any single speaker’s voice from podcasts or pre-recorded audio files.
  • Create transcription-only profiles to accurately transcribe based on recorded sources, instead of requiring a live source.
  • Only a 90 second audio clip is required to create a profile for the speaker.
  • Great for college lectures, interviews, business users with recorded notes…and more!
  • Transcribe from many different formats, including .mp3 audio files, aif, aiff, wav, mp4, m4a, m4v.
  • Use multiple transcription sources within a profile so one user can easily manage different recordings.
  • Expanded profile capability to allow multiple transcription sources per profile, making it even easier for one user to transition back and forth from personal dictation to one or more transcription files within the same project.
  • Not only can you easily transcribe your own voice memos from a smartphone or portable voice recorder into text, but you can seamlessly mix and match transcribing from other recording sources.
  • You can keep all the customisation and vocabulary from your profile without having to switch out to a different profile.

Have more control

With voice commands you can…

  • Compose and reply to emails in Gmail using full text controls, doing dictation and editing natively without having to transfer any text.
  • In Safari and Firefox, use voice commands to control your Gmail inbox, giving you even more voice capability within popular applications.
    • Use your voice to click on any visible link.
    • Use your voice to open emails.
    • Mix talking and typing with Full Text Control in Pages 4.3.

Be more accurate and faster

  • Higher performance with drastically reduced latency and faster editing
  • Improved accuracy over version 3, with optimisation for latest speech recognition technology.

Use flexible voice commands

With just your voice…

  • Create and edit documents in Pages® 4.3, compose and manage email in Gmail™, surf and search the Web and update your Facebook and Twitter status, to get things done quickly.
  • Smart Format Rules automatically adapt to how you want abbreviations, numbers and more
  • to appear, so you don’t have to correct it every time.
  • Easily create custom word lists and macros for frequently used text, giving you the flexibility to customise Dragon® Dictate for the way you work.

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