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A step by step guide for Dragon users, complete from setting up and configuring the software, being able to dictate text quickly and accurately, working hands free in apps such as Office 365 or Google Chrome, and introducing some scripting commands for even more speed!

As far as I know this is the only Dragon training book using style guidelines from the British Dyslexia Association… it includes material covered in 2 or 3 half day training sessions and 20 years of training experience!

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Whether you are a new or experienced Dragon user, this book will quickly help you to get the most out of this amazing software. I often find when visiting people who have asked for training for the first time, that they are all making the same mistakes because they aren’t sure about the best way to dictate. This book shows how to avoid those mistakes and has been written by an accredited Dragon trainer…

Part 1

Get started with Dragon as quickly as possible with a quick setup guide and the three essential commands to use when dictating…

  • install Dragon
  • create and configure your profile
  • begin dictating using the three key commands that are essential for writing
  • select and edit your text
  • customise your Dragon vocabulary by adding terms or acronyms applicable to you
  • backup your Dragon profile
  • proof read your text

Part 2

Explore hands free control of apps and the Windows Desktop, especially useful if you have a painful condition such as arthritis or RSI

  • use hands free commands to control common apps such as
    • Word, icluding controlling the Ribbon with your ┬ávoice
    • Excel
    • Google Chrome
    • Facebook and Twitter
    • Windows File Explorer
  • control windows and applications
  • transcribe a voice note from a smart phone and convert to text
  • improve your accuracy with the five best tips to do this

Part 3

An introduction to creating custom commands to automate repetitive tasks and a look behind the scenes

  • create an AutoText macro (to easily insert a standard paragraph or clause)
  • create a command to move the mouse pointer and click an icon, button, link, or other part of the screen

Part 4 – Appendix

  • what to do if things go wrong
  • Dragon and dyslexia
  • Dragon and RSI or arthritis



3 reviews for Dragon training textbook

  1. Suzan St Maur, Author and author coach, http://BetterBooksMedia.com

    Neil Sleight has been my go-to Dragon expert for many years now. His knowledge and ability to train even Luddites like me are legendary, and for good reason: he is brilliant! In “No Sooner Said Than Done” Neil has shared his experience in a gentle, simple and easygoing way that makes the whole process seem easy. Whenever one of my author clients worries that they can’t cope with typing or writing their manuscripts, I have no hesitation – I always refer them to Neil. Now, with this training course to add to his in-person service, the prospect of using Dragon will be all the more useful. WTG!

  2. admin

    Thank you for your very kind comments Suzan, they are much appreciated!

  3. David Jones (verified owner)

    Having purchased Dragon a number of years ago through my employer and had made it work relatively well by bumbling along, I was recently directed to the Book “No sooner said than done” by Neil Sleight.
    In a concise way Neil has picked out the key components when setting up and configuring Dragon to get the very best out of this marvellous software so it does what it does best.
    Having followed Neil’s advice I have reconfigured how I had been working and Dragon has become so much better. Its Brilliant!
    Neil has touched base to check how things are going and I have been extremely impressed by his knowledge and concern.
    I wish I had heard of Neil’s business, “the talking typist” and the book “No sooner said than done” when I bought Dragon, it would have saved me many hours of frustration!

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