A complete step-by-step guide for Dragon users – Part 1



Whether you are a new or experienced Dragon user, this online course will quickly help you to get the most out of this amazing software. I often find when visiting people who have asked for training for the first time that they are all making the same mistakes, so this course will show you how to…

Part 1

Get started with Dragon as quickly as possible with a quick setup guide and the three essential commands when dictating

  • install Dragon
  • create and configure your profile
  • begin dictating using the three key commands that are essential for writing
  • select and edit your text
  • customise your Dragon vocabulary by adding terms or acronyms applicable to you
  • backup your Dragon profile
  • proof read your text

Each module lasts for two – three minutes and the course is available 24/7 so you can progress at your own speed. A text transcription of each module is available, and at the end, there is a short quiz and fun exercise to test your understanding!


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